‘My HypnoBirthing was an amazing journey thanks to Violet’s guidance, her lovely personality knowledge and passion for HypnoBirthing made her an extraordinary birth companion. During five weeks I learnt how to control my body keeping my mind relaxed, putting in practice all the different meditations and exercises that Violet taught me, making my labour so much easier to handle and of course the support of my partner played and very important role, this is the beauty of HypnoBirthing where both parents can be completely involved in the birth of their baby. I can’t thank enough to Violet for her help and support before, during and after my baby Max was born. She will always be very special to us.’ – Desiree, Guillaume and baby Maximiliano, HypnoBirthing Family

‘I was lucky enough to meet Violet during my pregnancy journey to achieve VBAC. I chose to do HypnoBirthing as well as use a private midwife service to support me in my decision. I instantly connected with Violet. I felt very comfortable with her and loved her right from the start. We started classes together in the privacy of my own home with my beloved partner. Violet came very prepared for the course and she went above and beyond the material adding evidence based research, support, friendship and most importantly Love. I felt incredible inspired and empowered from what I learnt from Violet and HypnoBirthing. I took back control of my mind and body, i learnt to speak up and advocate for myself in decisions that needed to be made surrounding me pregnancy and birth. this enabled me to have a very successful, empowering and healing VBAC. It was a true honour to have worked with Violet in welcoming my daughter Earth side. i have learnt so much and I am grateful to have met her and now be able to call her my friend.’ – Ally Caroline and baby Lilly Grace, HypnoBirthing Family.

‘Fantastic course, it was really good to learn over a good time period so we can have time to learn in between. We loved all the information and resources including support for the birth companions. Thank you for helping us prepare for the birth of our baby, we have really enjoyed all the content and the learnt many tools that will help us in childbirth and beyond. – Suzie, Garrett, Lucy and Baby M, HypnoBirthing Family

‘I absolutely loved everything about your magical workshop, you have such a beautiful energy and such a powerful woman for all women, you are an inspiration. Your attention to detail was absolutely Divine, I love the colours and I love the energy . It felt so good to be filling my cup and knowing that I was being reminded of all this beauty and learning so many new things as well. i loved the booklets ad goody bags you made, it was so amazing thank you’ – Chiara Alessandrino, Postpartum Workshop @Northcote Natural Therapies

‘Jas and I completed a HypnoBirthing course with Violet at @naturalbirthmagic3 ❤️ It was such a lovely experience & we are both feeling confident & excited to welcome our baby girl soon 💕We did 5 sessions and they were 2.5-3 hours in each. We learnt a lot of things but just to recap some were: Breathing techniques to help through pregnancy and labour, Affirmations, Acupressure Learning about the process and options of labour, Coming up with a birth plan & preferences, Visualisation techniques, Nutrition in pregnancy, Teaching your partner how they can support you through labour, Birth positions, Rebozo, Tips and learnings after baby is here, boundaries and so much more I highly recommend HypnoBirthing & loved Violet’s energy & approach. She was so lovely and supportive. We are ready for what ever turn her birth takes. Excited to meet you baby girl 💕Nadia Velkou and Jason, HypnoBirthing Family

‘We feel so privileged to have had you guide us through the biggest life change we will ever face as a family and we have you to thank for this, we feel positive and supported in every way possible. Your kindness and love and teachings cushioned our entrance into parenthood. I will always be so grateful for you, you’re such an angel and we cannot thank you enough.’

‘We also enjoyed the Postpartum session, lots of great content and Violet is very loving and thoughtful in her delivery. We give you 12/10!’ – Rochelle and Rory – HypnoBirthing Family and Online Private Group Postpartum Workshop

”My husband and I completed our HypnoBirthing course through Violet in an online setting. We found that the information provided through the course was beneficial and really helped us prepare for the birth of our second son. The course gave us fantastic resources and tools to help manage the birthing process and gave my partner tools to support me through the birth. It helped us understand that the role of the birth partner is equally as important as that of the Mum to be. We used her teachings on the day to help manage the birth and make it the best experience it could be. Violet also ran an in-person acupressure workshop with us where we learned some valuable information about different pressure points to help with pregnancy discomfort and points that could be used during labour. We’re advocates for both hypnobirthing and for Violet as a guide, we can’t recommend her enough! Her kindness and warmth as a person really radiated through and made her a wonderful and trusted support person for us.’ – Bree and Paul Zala, HypnoBirthing Family with In person Acupressure for pregnancy, birth and postpartum workshops.

“Thank you so much Violet for your amazing classes. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you and share in this journey with your guidance. We learnt so much and feel so empowered after attending your sessions. Each week we would look forward to another encounter with you where we not only learnt some many skills and approaches to birthing but also to our lives. You are a special person and we wish you all the best with sharing your gifts with this world going forth. Thank you Violet”Elyse Violet Ripia and Shaun Sparkes, Melbourne, HypnoBirthing Family – Home birth, 5hr labour, no painkillers, caught by her Dad on the 5th of Aug

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