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Sharing your inner truth is not always easy but once you start to honour your truth the more you step into your power and allow your Love Warrior to be embraced. The journey inward is the most sacred and most transformational life experience.

About Love Warrior Medicine

Love Warrior Medicine is a Birth Story Healing workshop where we explore your story in a unique and different way. We journey together working with finding your truth and looking at the most challenging aspect in more detail to give it the love medicine it needs.

When we experience a life changing transformation such as giving birth we often face a new and more evolved way of being and thinking. Our perceptions of ourselves and the meaning of life changes, which can be challenging especially when we are faced with many limitations in the modern world. When we feel that something is not feeling or sitting right for us emotionally, mentally and spiritually then that can be known as trauma. Trauma is often misunderstood and there is usually misinformation as to what that really means. In reality trauma is defined as anything that plays on your mind and becomes unresolved for you.

Birth Story Healing offers a space to be heard and to be seen by a certified Birth Story Medicine Listener or Mentor. It is a conversation as well as a solution focused exploration of your story and the aspect of it that holds the most challenges for you. Many care providers offer birth debrief which is different from Birth Story Medicine, because each session is unique and involves emotional medicine that invites you heal and move forward on your journey by making a positive shift.

Session Details:

A session can be held online or in person and is from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the Medicine explored in each session.

The session is a conversation held in a sacred space with openness and love.  Each session will look different for each person.

We begin with a short outline of your story and then start to explore it in a different way by pinpointing a particular part of your story that has been the most challenging or holds the most unresolved for you.  This exploration of one particular unresolved element usually allows Medicine for the rest of your story and if it does not we can do more sessions.

We then keep exploring all the elements that connect to that so we can start to build a bridge. As the healing unfolds we bring in solution focused work where we start to build an image of what you wish for the rest of your journey, this can be different for everyone. This is a step by step process as we break things down to see clearly what calls for healing.

As a Birth Story Medicine Listener and Healer it is my hearts goal to listen and guide you on this personal empowerment journey to meet your love warrior and to bring the solution you are seeking to light.

Love Warrior Medicine Seekers

Your story could be anything from pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding and see how it is connected to your day to day life and what ways it is impacting you. If you are pregnant and this calls to you I can create a unique session around your intentions. If you are many years postpartum (post birth) and this calls to you please reach out, this is open to anyone who seeks making a positive shift from their experience.

Prenatal Medicine Sessions are also available and can offer a great way forward before giving birth. Please contact me for a free initial consultation and we can explore what feels right to wok with.

Most insights and healing comes from the days and weeks that follow a session and each person will have a different experience during a session. I choose to connect with you offering further support after 3 weeks or so. Sometimes some Creative Medicine is given as homeplay to further anchor in the solutions found during the session.

Our unique life journeys are a mix of so many elements from our own birthing into this world through to all stages of life, it’s a constant experiment of what works for us within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being and loving ourselves whole. 

Birth Story Medicine is the stepping stone to journeying back home to ourselves through embracing our love warrior – the heart of our home within us.  If you are a Love Warrior seeker than reach out via email at

love warrior testimonials

‘I am a first time mum with a quite successful natural birth, having a healthy little boy and this experience transformed my life and myself.

The few sessions with Violet was heart warming and also meaningful. The highlight was a vision, closing my eyes and imagining and feeling my emotions, I saw a very warm light shinning nearby. It reminds how powerful I am! Also I really enjoyed the Warrior Queen story telling by Violet at the end of our last session.

Violet is very understanding, she spent time to listen to me and let me express. She also guided and reminded me the best medicine is myself, keep exploring and going forward, that I will find my beauty inside and outside!’

Cherry Siu, Melbourne

I want to thank Violet for our empowering birth medicine session.
What I loved and needed most was to be held in the space of non judgement.
Labor and birthing was such a massive process of unraveling, processing, revealing, and shock – Jumping into the unknown to have someone to talk to that would just listen and get it – finally and be able to then acknowledge and work through the trauma, was invaluable.
What I liked about the BSM modality is its purity and simplicity.
It helped me let go of the guilt around how I should of felt in the raw moments of giving birth and not being “good enough”
I will be suggesting Violet and BMS as I said I found the session nurturing, just being able to talk, share and be held and shown the right tools and understood in all your vulnerability. I feel or felt as though as women or mothers we are just expected to cope from the moment we go into Labor and just not true to self or reality.

Thank you once again, Violet you are doing some amazing and much needed work in the world, blessings to you 💜

Carla Bando, Melbourne

“Hi I’m Stacey mother of 5. 

I chose to work with Violet and take a journey with her to heal some blockages and guilt that I had with my last birth. Violet has the ability to transform the online space into a beautiful portal of support and unconditional love throughout her sessions.  I was able to fully relax and allow her to enter the space with confidence as I witnessed her tuning into her gifts.  I was able to visualise the very moments my power was taken from me and I was able to see & feel the healing taking place.  Violets professional manner was soothing as she held herself in a non superior way but as a comforting guide.  I would highly recommend anybody who has past birth trauma to work with Violet in order to heal the wounds that were created during such a sacred time in our lives. Thank you V!”

Stacey Austin, Wonthaggi, Victoria

There are so many aspects to our energy and to our experiences to consider, we can not really be seen as one dimensional, nor can we take on others perspectives or judgements – the only one that matters is our own.

Trauma is not defined by a bad experience necessarily, for example if you had an amazing birth but felt something kept playing over in your mind about an aspect of your experience – that would be important to explore in order to feel whole.

All the solutions we seek or often in ourselves and it is sometimes an unpleasant and hard journey but it leads to such a beautiful and magic place.

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