Qigong is a form of moving meditation, it is gentle exercise and embodiment practice. It originates from China and has existed for over 5,000 years. It is A practice that focuses on strengthening the internal part of of our bodies, including our mind, spirit and body. This ancient modality allows you to come home to yourself and reconnect, it is known to reduce inflammation, stress and chronic pain. It improves the functioning of the Heart and Lungs, digestive, Immune and Lymphatic systems, circulation, sleep and energy levels.

Qigong is a loving practice that is close to my heart and has had a profound impact on my overall well-being. It has not only allowed me to heal through various ‘dis-eases’ but also provided me with a powerful tool to relieve stress and cultivate inner peace. This ancient Chinese practice encompasses both physical exercises and meditation techniques, making it a truly holistic approach to health and self-care.

At its core, Qigong is a restorative therapy that promotes the free flow of Qi, the vital life force energy within our bodies. Through gentle, intentional movements and breath control, Qigong aims to release tension, dissolve energetic blockages, and rebalance the Qi that circulates within our meridian systems. By doing so, it helps maintain or restore the harmonious functioning of our organs and promotes overall vitality.

One of the beautiful aspects of Qigong is its versatility. It can be practiced by individuals of all ages and fitness levels, as it offers a variety of standing and seated forms that accommodate different body types and physical abilities. Whether you are seeking to improve flexibility, build strength, or simply reduce stress, Qigong provides a gentle yet profound way to connect with your body, mind, and spirit.

During a typical Qigong session, practitioners are guided through a series of slow and deliberate movements, often inspired by nature and the movements of animals. These movements are combined with deep breathing techniques that help calm the mind and oxygenate the body, promoting a state of relaxation and inner stillness. Moreover, Qigong incorporates acupressure point stimulation, wherein specific points on the body are activated to enhance the flow of Qi and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

After the physical exercises, a Qigong session usually concludes with a period of stillness practice and meditation. This allows the practitioner to integrate the benefits of the movements and cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility. By bringing attention to the present moment and cultivating mindfulness, Qigong meditation supports mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall well-being.

In a world that often feels fast-paced and chaotic, Qigong offers a sanctuary of calm and an opportunity to reconnect with our bodies and cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves. It is a powerful practice that invites us to slow down, listen to our bodies, and tap into the abundant energy that flows within and around us.

So whether you are looking to enhance your physical health, manage stress, or embark on a journey of self-discovery, Qigong can be a transformative practice that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit. Give yourself the gift of Qigong and experience the profound benefits it can bring to your life.


  • Qigong 1.1 and group classes for Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Group classes held in public spaces, indoors and outdoors
  • Medical Qigong to support those with chronic health conditions with option to include Energy Healing, Meditation and Empowerment plan.
  • Qigong for Children – 3yrs up
  • Qigong and mindfulness support in workspace to support well being
  • Collaborations and events!


RETURN TO WHOLENESS – An Introduction to Qigong

Join me for this in person event held at the beautiful AT ONE STUDIO in Essendon on Sunday October 15th at 11.30am to 1.30pm.

In this restorative healing space we explore the powerful yet gentle practice of Qigong, This is a sacred soul space dedicated to a grounding and replenishing energy practice to restore our sense of self and to embody more of our vitality. If you are new to Qigong then this is the perfect space to explore together.

I will share some of the incredible health benefits of Qigong including information about the Meridian points and how to release tension. We will enjoy a heart and soul-enriching practice followed by a healing meditation. A Rose tea ceremony will be held and healing treats will be available to share Qi love and connect deeper into the heart to return to wholeness.

Join me to expand the mind, the heart and the spirit, to simply enjoy the art of being present.

❤️ Below is the love link to book your Qi love tickets which are $55:

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September to December
QIGONG Qigong for Stress Release held Thursday nights at Janefield Community Center, Bundoora. Held in person for 1hr

Coming soon:

Qigong for Rebirth and Transformation will be available in the coming Months!