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Breastfeeding services

Kellie Eason – Nurse, midwife, IBCLC –

Australian Breastfeeding Association

The Royal Women’s Hospital – clinical midwife consultant/ support/ Lactation consultant. –

Lactation consultants of Australia and NZ

Sleep safety

SIDS and Kids + ACM – SleepThe Safe Sleep 7 Le Leche League

Mind Health

The Happy Hypno – Kristen Harper

PANDA (post Antenatal Depression Association) – hotline/ factsheets and self assessment

Beyond Blue

George Institute Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support – –

General Health, Pregnancy and postpartum support

Australian college of midwives

Acupuncture, Acupressure, TCM – Dr Jodi Pritchard

Healthpoint Osteopathy Northcote-

Natural Northcote therapies

Spiritual Healing and Readings – Adriana De Angelis at Lovesism

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Evidence based birth –

Hons Code –

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