Postpartum Empowerment

Postpartum is a sacred window of time when a woman has given life through birth, its a magical and truly transformational experience. The term postpartum actually means ‘after birth’ and it is a time that should be honoured with rest, nourishment, love and good support. We invest so much time on planning our birth experience that we sometimes forget to plan for after birth, what we may need and how certain things can have a positive or negative impact. It is highly valuable and for our long term health to use as many tools as there are available to create an Empowering experience, and that goes beyond birth and postpartum.

Creating an Empowering Postpartum is as essential as planning for your Empowering Birth.

Focusing on birth preparation is important but postpartum planning is equally as essential for optimal health for the long term and your life going forward.  When we create life it is a great time of personal growth and empowerment. The birth of our child is also the rebirth of ourselves, in emotional, spiritual and biological ways. There is so much science and evidence that supports this process and that fact that in this modern world we do not always honour. We are navigating our way through new experiences, it takes time and it takes loving support and nourishment. 

It is also important for our partners and family to receive support as this is an important transition for them too. As my teacher Julia Jones says along with many amazing philosophers and scientists…

“our Purpose in life is to have meaning, we are designed to be connected and live as villages supporting one another”

Julia Jones, Newborn Mothers Collective

Bringing new life into this world was never meant to be a one person job, neither was it ever intended to separated into gender roles or limiting patterns or culture. We all need to be heard, loved, supported and understood through whichever season we are feeling, it is part of what makes us human beings. The biggest thing to understand is that giving life through birth is an important and sacred life experience, it is a transformation for all aspects of our being and therefore putting in place certain things will help us along the way.

When we give birth to new life, we are also being reborn at the same time. We evolve as individuals, as women, as equals on Earth.

The best time to prepare for Postpartum is when you are pregnant but anytime on your journey is perfect even if it is 1 – 4 years after you have given birth. Creating this time to put in place all the tools you need to provide the ingredients to nourish and replenish your energy will then enable you to better nourish your newborn and family. Nurturing ourselves is nurturing our children and loved ones.

Why I became a Postpartum Doula

The reason why I am became a Postpartum Doula is because it is so close to my own heart. My own birth and postpartum experiences led me down a path of questioning and wanting, much of the culture around me was limiting and uninformative. My partner needed support and both of us did not know how to ask for help or where to turn. Sometimes the people we think may help actually cause a lot more damage and in my case this is what led me down a very unhealthy path and struggling with health problems and feeling emotionally neglected. I had focused so much on my birth experience I did not acknowledge what I would need going forward in my life when I became a parent. I often felt alone and health professionals often nothing more than some practical tips for baby care and did not really offer any support for me becoming a mother, I was left often feeling depleted, exhausted and highly overwhelmed. I did ask for help but from the wrong people, family members had sometimes crossed over boundaries and had often undermined me and my husband. Overall I do know that what I have learned now has helped me tremendously and I wish to help others on their journey so they can adjust and feel empowered in their postpartum. It has taken me over 2 years to find my way, and that is through my learning at the Newborn Mothers Collective and the love we share in the work I do now as a Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding support.

What I focus on

The way I work is focused around what you feel is right for you, empowerment, soul nourishment and mindfulness techniques. For me it is all about sharing love, we are students and teachers together learning from each other in a process that is continually and organically evolving just as nature intended. I offer one to one sessions at home or online, alongside working with you and your partner and family as well as offering support groups and workshops based in central and northern suburbs of Melbourne.

My goal is to openly share with you, listen to you and guide you where you need, I offer support and a loving connection, I also am able to refer to other guides and professionals withing my network for anything beyond my scope. I will also respect your wishes and if you are interested in building a magical and empowering postpartum please contact me for a phone chat or simply arrange an in home session with me to plan your beautiful journey.

What we will explore in my workshops and one to one sessions:

  • Reconnect with yourself and feel empowered in this most magical transition in your life.
  • Embrace and honour this magical transition and all that it offers
  • Be creative in using tools to give you what you desire
  • Strengthen bonds with your partner in creative ways
  • Build your village, learn why it is an essential part of your postpartum journey
  • Learn simple but powerful tools to assist you in getting back to optimal health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • build new blocks using creative empowerment techniques and tools to overcome any challenges you may face.
  • create realistic goals and intentions to allow you to feel fulfilled in your life and bring you peace and joy.
  • Discover the secret and beauty of ‘Baby Brain’ and why it is such a sacred and powerful experience you mind and body create during the early postpartum.
  • Nourish your mind as well as your body through nutritious healing food recipes.
  • Honour your needs, for yourself as an individual, as a mother and most importantly as an equal in this magical world.
  • Find peace and joy to live an abundant life the way that it serves you as an unique individual.

Know that you are loved and supported, you can find your way on this new journey, this adventure and along the way seek the helps of loved ones, including a Postpartum Doula and any other supportive professionals you may wish to work with.

To watch my video interview introducing Postpartum empowerment with Fellow HypnoBirthing Educator and owner of Northcote Natural Therapies click here:

My Postpartum Services

  • Creative Healing workshops for Mothers, Partners and Family.
  • One on one sessions including home visits and Postpartum Doula care.
  • Postpartum planning sessions which includes setting personal goals for nurture, rest and recovery for the first few weeks during the Sacred Window. This is a plan that includes overcoming any challenges be they physical, emotional or spiritual.
  • Breast and Chestfeeding planning and workshops. In these sessions we look at practical and creative ways to make sure you have all the tools you need to achieve what your desire for you and for your newborn with the support of your partner and loved ones.
  • Parent support groups and creative circles.
  • Belly Binding guide with understanding the benefits with 1 or 2 sizes of belly binding provided.
  • Healing Massage using Ayurvedic Oil.
  • Self-massage guide and practice.
  • Baby massage guide and practice.
  • In home cooking (with one to one sessions) with recipes from Julia Jones ‘Nourishing Newborn Mothers’ books to heal your body during each stage of postpartum. (Food delivery services soon to be available)
  • Goal setting and working through any challenges you may face, this will include working with your partner and their needs to make sure you are both feeling connected and supported.
  • Oxytocin boosts and creative exploration to nurture the mind and body.
  • Relaxation and Visualisation techniques to reconnect and heal.
  • Support for partners and family including creative tools and tips for emotional, practical and spiritual healing.
  • Online and Phone support for a 6 – 8 week period.

For my Postpartum Doula services and home visits please fill out the form below to arrange your free call and together we can organise what is your best support and nourishment.

Happy Postpartum Empowerment with so much love from Violet.